Student Senate bids farewell to long-serving members

The Student Senate met Tuesday to hold their final general meeting of the semester. Although drama reigned over the political process, all the Senators were present to pass two new resolutions.

The first, Res 105-14, looks to hold the Inter-fraternity Council (IFC) accountable for implementing a plan to reduce sexual assault incidents. This resolution shows the support of Student Government for the plan created by the IFC and calls for the current plan to continue to be enforced. It passed 12-2, with Sen. Cooley and Jones-Darling voting no.

The second, Res 105-15, urges the university to implement online courses for internship-based classes. It also calls on the Faculty Senate, Provost, Deans and Department Heads to encourage the faculty to offer those classes. The resolution was also transmitted to the Deans of all the College’s and the Faculty Senate.

Following the resolutions came the farewell remarks of two long serving members of Student Government.

Sen. Jones-Darling had been a Senator for three years, serving as vice-chair on the transportation and business and finance committees, and on the commission for health and safety. Also serving as a resident advisor and in numerous political roles, he wrote numerous resolutions and contributed a great deal to Student Government.

Judicial Sargent Larry Borum had no experience coming in as student body vice president for the 2017-18 school year. Taking up the responsibility wasn’t a small task, as meeting with student organizations, faculty, staff, and administration take up a lot of time. Borum was planning on joining as a Senator, no matter what the outcome, and that rings true in why he fit so well into the role.

“It really has changed my life and opened a lot of doors to passions, possibilities and opportunities,” said Borum.

Borum was also a Resident Advisor, Office Manager, and is a McNair scholar. He took up his role as Judicial Sargent at the beginning of the semester to ensure that the incoming president and vice president had a smooth transition into their roles.

“What’s the one thing I want to be remembered for?” said Borum. “I wish I could combine everything into one.”

Borum is planning to focus on his music for the next semester and prepare for graduate school.

Meeting minutes can be found here.


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