Smith and Suchowesky announce campaigns for student body president

UPDATED 7:33 a.m. on Feb. 21: Sen. Balaal Hollings and Sen. Tyler Wright have announced they’re running for student body president and vice president.

  • Ethan Smith and Kirk Suchowesky announced they are running for class president. Both have turned in the necessary paperwork to be eligible to run.
  • Smith currently serves as vice president of the student body and is running with Hajer Abuzir, an Honors Program Fellow.
  • Suchowesky is a student senator running with Anna Newmyer, also a senator.

Two candidates have announced their plans to run for student body president ahead of Monday’s filing deadline. Current Vice-President Ethan Smith and Hajer Abuzir will be running against Sen. Kirk Suchowesky and Sen. Anna Newmyer.

No other students have requested a packet to run for the positions.

Ethan Smith and Hajer Abuzir

Smith and Abuzir filed their packet, including 300 student signatures, on Monday, Feb 11. Smith is the current vice-president of the Student Government.

Smith served two terms in the Senate before stepping into the roll unelected following the departure of the previous vice-president.

Smith has been involved in a variety of programs at Eastern including Alternative Spring Break and Model United Nations. He also served as president of the Economics Club.

I’ve seen just how difficult it is for students to succeed academically, participate in fulfilling extra-curriculars, and work enough hours to stay afloat financially . . . I’m not just running for President. What I really want is to be part of building a New EMU that works for all of our students.

Ethan Smith, in a statement on the Smith / Abuzir Facebook page.

Abuzir will be Smith’s candidate for vice-president. Her priorities include creating “diversity initiatives, ensuring food security and providing academic and mental support to students.”

Abuzir is an Honors Program Fellow and founded the only running club at EMU.

Kirk Suchowesky and Anna Newmyer

Suchowesky and Newmyer announced their #4EMUnity campaign early this week. They are expected to file their signatures on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Suchowesky is the treasurer of Kappa Delta Pi and a senator on Student Government’s Policial Action Committee. He has also served in various leadership roles in church ministries, as well as in parochial, private and public education.

In multiple inner cities, I have given my time, talents, and treasures pursuing faith, tirelessly serving those most struggling—no matter their age, sex, gender, orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, vocation, class, or religion. I have had my life threatened, weapons brandished on me, and even been assaulted by those same people I served. I have seen much of the sorrows of mankind, felt their wounds, and wept alongside them. It has cost me my health and my family. I have accepted life’s adversity: and it simply must be overcome. Now my heart cries out for victory.

Kirk Suchowesky, in a statement on the Suchowesky / Newmyer #4EMUnity Facebook page.

Newmyer is serving her second year in Student Government on the Senate’s Internal Affairs Committee. She will be running as Suchowesky’s vice-president.

As college students we run into a variety of hardships, and as divided as we may feel at times, often we are experiencing these together. Rather than separating ourselves when conflict arises, we must come together as a body to fight for change when necessary.

Anna Newmyer, in a statement on the Suchowesky / Newmyer #4EMUnity Facebook page.

Voting will open March 27 at 9 a.m. with polls closing March 28 at 7 p.m. Results will be posted by 8 p.m that day.

Tasked with multiple responsibilities, the student body president has influence within many major institutions on campus.

Current President Candice Crutcher gave a speech to the Board of Regents regarding an EMU professor, coordinated with LAZ Parking to wave fees given to students and passed an executive order urging the university to close in harsh weather conditions.

Interviews with the candidates will be requested by the Eastern Echo after the filing deadline Monday at 5:00 p.m.


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