Hollings announces candidacy for student body president, joins Smith and Suchowesky

YPSILANTI, MI – Student Senator Balaal Hollings announced his candidacy for student body president of Eastern Michigan University on Thursday, Feb. 21. He is the third candidate to announce, joining Ethan Smith and Kirk Suchowesky.

I served as a Senator . . . and I felt like now is the time to run.

Sen. Hollings in an interview on Thursday, Feb. 21 at Starbucks.

Hollings number one priority as president would be to create an African American resource center. He criticized the Center for Multicultural Affairs for not being available when Black students needed it most.

I went to the . . . Center of Multicultural Affairs and the doors were closed. To me, that spoke volumes. The fact that a doll was lynched intentionally and purposefully, I feel like they would have full support from 9-5.

The new center would be a “safe space for Black students to convene and educate.”

Statement from the Center of Multicultural Affairs following the Best Hall incident.

The Center for Multicultural Affairs is open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. on Friday. An employee of the center claimed it was open during those times.

Hollings hopes to create a universal calendar that would require student organizations to register with Student Life before hosting an event. He would also want student organizations to be fined if they don’t follow that calendar.

The greeks have a calendar that they don’t follow, the Black Student Union created a calendar they don’t follow it. The university steps on its toes, so I’m creating a calendar where if you don’t follow it, you’re fined.

Hollings would like to see this plan implemented through the Student Senate rather than an executive action.

I shouldn’t be town about, man, do I want to go to the women’s week on the first day of the week or the NASCAR event. If people apply to the calendar and follow the calendar and we made it that you must follow the calendar or be fined, that would clear up a lot of things I feel.

He is also advocating for new buildings on campus to have all handicap accessible doors.

Don’t go fund a new building if it isn’t handy cap accessible. Then, you are violating the terms that ‘you are welcome here.’ Having a new research center and a new scoreboard and a new science complex is good, but what’s the point if people don’t have access to it?

Hollings doesn’t know the process to accomplish this but is urging an investigation into how to implement those changes in less than a school year. He hopes to do the same with the African American resource center.

Tyler Wright, a senator on the Business and Finance Committee, will be Hollings running mate. They’re running under the slogan “two minority men making moves.”

Tyler is the true mastermine behinds this. I’m his runningmate as much as he’s mine. Anything I say is fact checked by and ran by Tyler.

Hollings and Wright push face-to-face communication over social media.

Every single day, for the duration of this campaign, either me or Tyler will be in the Eastern Eateries from 7 p.m. until it closes.

Hollings serves on Student Government’s Internal Affairs Committee and is a member of Phoenix. He served as student body president at Jacksonville College and class president at Northwestern High School in Detroit.

Hollings and Wright turned in the 300 signatures required to run for president last Friday.


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