Smith and Abuzir win EMU student body election

Ethan Smith and Hajer Abuzir won the student body election for president and vice president, according to unofficial results posted Thursday night.

“We ran because we believe that EVERY student should be taken care of on a human level first,” Smith said in a Facebook post. “Every student should have their basic needs met, and it’s time to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to supporting minoritized students.”

Smith and Abuzir won 69 percent of the vote with Balaal Hollings and Tyler Wright taking 29 percent. The remaining votes went for write-in candidates. A total of 1201 ballots were cast for the presidential candidates.

Kirk Suchowesky and Anna Newmyer suspended their campaign a week ahead of voting due to future health concerns of Suchowesky.

All 19 senators who ran were re-elected to the student senate, including Balaal Hollings, Tyler Wright, Kirk Suchowesky and Anna Newmyer, who also ran for student body president and vice-president.


Published by Andrew Lenzo

Editor and writer for the Eastern Echo.

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