Children’s author James Minthorn introduces kids to his dog in new book

MERRITT – James Minthorn, a newly published children’s author, has been waiting for some time to publish his first book. Now that it’s out, he’s excited to share “Dewee’s ABCs” with the community.

It took Minthorn over two years to complete the book and get it on bookshelves around Michigan. The story follows Dewee, a dog who loves to rhyme, as he travels to many cities around Michigan.

“When I would read the rhymes to the kids, they would love them,” said Minthorn. “So, I started putting together a book.”

He was ecstatic once it was published.

“I would actually have sleepless nights over some of the pages to get them perfect,” said Minthorn. This isn’t something that happened overnight.

Most of the rhymes came from hours of driving too and from work. Minthorn would notice things that could be rhymed along the side of the road, pull out a notepad, and write it down. He would then read the rhymes to kids in the classrooms.

“After substitute teaching for a few years, he was inspired to put the collection of rhymes into a book where they could later be read in classrooms.

Dewee is listed as the author in the book. Minthorn hopes to include more pictures of Deww in his second book.

Minthorn has completed work on his second book, Dewees numbers, that he hopes to have out within the year.

“I want kids to be happy reading it.”

Minthorn explained that everyone has a day in their life that is vitally important to them. This was one of those days.

Minthorn grew up in Merritt and spent a lot of his time driving too and from work. During the drives, he would notice attractions along the side of the road and find ways to make them rhyme.

“I want everyone to read the book. That’s why I didn’t say this is a book only about Michigan,” Minthorn said. “I did walk into a library the other day and people liked … how local it is.”

Minthorn grew up in Merritt, just a few steps from his current home, and graduated from Michigan State with a degree in engineering. By day, he works in the oil and gas industry. Working his day-job, he’s spent most of his nights putting together this book.

Minthorn has numerous stories about the positive reactions the book has gotten so far.

“I sent my first book to a teacher yesterday and I’m really excited about that.” “[She’s a third or fourth grade teacher] and wants to read the book to her kids.”

“I love substitute teaching.” “We’ll see, if the book pans out and we win the lottery, I’ll go substitute teach full time.”

Minthorn traveled to a lot of thel locations illustrated in the book. One of the illustrations, pointed out the “Luce County Moose,” is an actual depiction of the Kalkaska Chamber of Commerce and it’s famous fish fountain.

Another page pointing out the “Kalamazoo kangaroos” takes place in the Au Sable River, that runs through Grayling Michigan to Au Sable.

Cadillac also gets a feature in the book, with Dewey riding a train in from of the Cadillac news building.

You can buy Minthorn’s new book on Amazon and meet Dewey at the Crawford County Library on Dec. 18.


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