Ebels General Store process over 140 deer on opening day

FALMOUTH – Ebels General Store had a busy weekend after processing over 140 deer on opening day. Conditions for hunters were good and that showed on the buck pole.

Ebels also held a buck pole event that hunters could enter to win money, rifles and other prizes depending on the time of entry. They had over 40 prizes totaling over $15,000 in value.

“I would say we have a little bit more than last year, probably about 15 percent or so,” said Tom Ebles, the chief operation officer for Ebels General Store. “It’s been good weather so it’s nice for the hunters to be out.”

Melissa Schoo, the senior processing coordinator for Ebels, said there were about 55 bucks on the pole by Friday night and about 67 by midday on Saturday.

Some of the conditions that led to more deer included good acorns, corn and some food falling at the right time as well as there being good snow for tracking. They have hunters from all over northern Michigan participate in the event including Clare County, Ludington and those in the Falmouth area.

Ebels says the biggest focus this year was to get everyone included in the process.

“It’s been going well,” Ebels said. “People seem to be enjoying themselves and seeing all the different bucks out there. It’s fun making this a community event.”

Ebels encourages hunters to get bucks out of the wood and cleaned soon after killing the buck in order to keep the meat in good condition. He also recommends dressing the deer in the field.

“We try not to take any from the CWD counties,” Schoo said. “[Hunters] need to get a negative test result from the DNR.”

Ebels General Store was founded in 1920 and was named a top 50 Michigan business to watch earlier this year.

More information about what to check before bringing in a buck to process is available on the DNR Website. You can learn more about Ebels General Store on their website or give them a visit off of Prosper Road in Falmouth.


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