Military veteran writes 'Znipper,' a sniper's journey in the apocalypse

LAKE CITY – It took Clare Ward over two years to write his new book “Zniped.” Now that it’s published, the military veteran is excited to share it with the community.

The story follows a former Marine Scout Sniper and his kids as they battle their way through the apocalypse. The book contains a lot of military knowledge that, according to Ward, other authors often choose to overlook.

“I just love [reading] a story and then when there’s the wrong nomenclature being used, or one thing is mislabeled or not used correctly, it kind of just ruins the whole story for me,” said Ward.

Ward chose to take this opportunity to write a book of his own that not only follows an exciting story, but allows the reader to learn something. Many of his experiences in the Marines are included in the book.

“I tried to put some sort of military-esque knowledge into [each chapter],” Ward said.

Ward joined the Marine Corps immediately after graduating from Lake City High School in 1993. He served for over eight years before pursuing work in threat security.

The book includes an abundance of military humor that Ward hopes readers will enjoy.

“[The military humor] might not fit well around the Thanksgiving table,” Ward said.

One scene in the book revolves around the main character teaching kids military tradecrafts, an easy way to include real military knowledge in the fictional book.

Most of the characters in the book are based off of people Clare knows in real life, including his own family members.

“There’s one character in particular that I base off one of my business partners at the range,” Ward said.

The average reader interested in the apocalypse and doomsday will enjoy it, as well as people who have military backgrounds.

“I don’t know how many guys like myself sit down and write a book,” said Ward. “A lot of the great writers don’t have my background so some of the stuff gets lost.”

Some of the things Ward is referring to include the vast amount of military knowledge that he learned in his time in the Marines.

Ward has worked in threat security on and off for over 10 years and serves as the director of the Marksmanship Training Center, a facility that is 100% veteran run.

You can buy Ward’s book on Amazon or on the Marksmanship Training Center website.


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