Lake City Area Chamber of Commerce searching for volunteers to fill committee positions

The Lake City Chamber of Commerce is looking for volunteers to fill five committees.

The Lake City Area Chamber of Commerce is looking for volunteers to donate their time and experience to five newly formed committees. These volunteers will be a voice for the city and the chamber.

Michelle Reichert, executive director of the Lake City Area Chamber of Commerce, spoke briefly on the need to fill these positions.

“The chamber could not doing anything if we did not have these committees,” Reichert said. “By joining any of these committees, [members of the community] are adding their voice to growing the community and the businesses in Missaukee County.”

The five committees include events and programming, membership, economic development, community action and grounds and re-development.

“We’re trying to form committees to get the general public involved so they can be a voice for the city and the chamber and help drive and promote all of our recent businesses,” Reichert said.

The Events and Programming Committee will plan the annual Greatest Fourth, Festival of the Pines and Membership Banquet events. Volunteers will choose the entertainment and event logistics.

The Membership Committee will focus on recruitment and maximizing the benefits for chamber members. Those interested will recruit new members, develop strategies to reach potential members and maximize the benefits that come with a chamber membership.

The Economic Development Committee will strengthen the development of businesses by working with local Realtors to share opportunities to open businesses with business owners. They will interact with city and county officials to find ways to utilize empty spaces buildings in the city.

Those involved with the Community Action Committee will raise awareness of the non-profits and clubs in the area. Volunteers will prioritize sharing news, events and finding new ways for organizations to share their stories with the community. 

Volunteers apart the Grounds and Re-Development Committee will help contractors convert storage units into living spaces, and actively search for opportunities to rent land for festivals, markets and other temporary events.

“We need people’s opinions,” Reichert said. “We need people to come together and talk about the pros and the cons.”

A sixth Personnel Committee will not be open to volunteers and filled by board members. It will focus on retaining Chamber staff and upholding ethics put forth in the chambers by-laws.

Those interested can call the chamber office at 213-839-4969, email Michelle at or visit a committee meeting in person. Committee dates will be decided at the board meeting on Jan. 9.


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