Local business owners host grand opening for new restaurant

Owners Luke and Lynn Hammer inside their restuarant, Hammers Pub and Grub, after their grand opening on Dec. 6.

Business owners Luke and Lynn Hammer were busy at their official Grand Opening for their restaurant, Hammer’s Pub and Grub, in downtown Lake City on Friday. They took over for former owners of the Food Factory and Pub on Nov. 22 and were met with a positive response from the community.

The Hammers recently moved to Lake City and have had an exciting time revamping the restaurant.

“We’ve got some good changes,” Hammer said. “The [food] doesn’t taste like ‘restaurant food.’ It’s more homemade.”

Although some menu items have changed, the new owners decided to keep some of the popular items including the mac and cheese, salads, freckles and most entrees. The biggest changes came to the burgers.

“We revamped his burgers,” said Hammer. “Some of them may sound similar, but we switch out the patter with a three meant blend. With a beef patty, [the burgers] get a little bit more flavor.”

Other changes include a new Detroit zip sauce for pulled pork and Cajun beef tips. They also have a Bloody Mary ranch dressing made in house.

Along with menu changes, the Hammers have focused on providing positive customer service and a lively atmosphere.

“Our vision is customer service,” Hammer said. “We’re going to do our best to change the culture that was here for a short time.”

Hammer says previous owner had to move, leading to a lack of customer service and consistency in the kitchen.

“We want to make it a fun place for locals to hang out. Obviously, you’re going to get the tourists in the summertime . . . but I want the locals to come back to this place like they used to be here.”

The Hammers have employed all of the staff formerly employed at the Food Factory, according to Hammer.

You can visit Hammers Pub and Grub on Facebook to see their menu and hours. 


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