Lake City Fireman Department host second annual ‘Breakfast with Santa’

The Lake City Firemen’s Association held their second annual “Breakfast with Santa” on Saturday at Lake Township Hall. The event featured a pancake, sausage breakfast and a chance to get a photo with Santa and his helpers. 

A number of community members attended the event to support the firemen’s association. Lt. Fred West of the Lake City Area Fire Department spoke on the importance of getting community support for these events and leaving an impact on youth in the community.

“We want to help kids in the community and do as much as we can for them,” West said. “When we’re done as firefighters, we want to hear kids in the community saying ‘Do you remember [those community events]?’”

All of the profits from the event went towards supporting three families the department supports and funding future events.

“As long as we can keep helping out, we’re going to keep helping out,” West said.

It’s important for him, and the rest of the association, that any family can attend this event.

“We got people in this community that can’t afford [a five dollar breakfast,]” West said. “So, if a family comes in and gives 20 bucks or a family can’t give anything, we don’t care.”

Last year, the department served over 120 residents at the event.

“Everything we do is by donation,” Sgt. Joe Kowalski said. Some resources are donated by other organizations, but everything else is self-funded.

The funds raised by them go towards families and funding the events. This started with a few different firefighters hosting small events. It eventually expanded and all of the department now participates.

“We started out of our pocket … and then eventually we formed an association,” West said. “Everything is handled by the Lake City Firemen’s Association.”

The firemen’s association is a collection of Lake City firefighters who host events throughout the year to support the community. You can stay up-to-date with their events on Facebook.


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