About Me

A successful journalist has to brand themselves in unique ways. I do this by using social media and interactive tools to bring stories to life. Our industry is fading and we need to find ways to adapt to this ever-changing landscape while still delivering the stories our nation needs now more than ever – ones that provide the full context with little bias.

I bring a positive and enthusiastic attitude to any work environment and stay relaxed in high-stress situations. I’m always interested in learning new skills that help me grow as a reporter.

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.


I’m a full-time reporter with the Missaukee Sentinel, a paper owned by the Cadillac News. I also work on contract to help companies boost their online engagement and improve content. My freelance and contract rates are negotiable.

I served as the editor-in-chief of the Eastern Echo, an independent newspaper serving Eastern Michigan University and the surrounding community. I managed a staff of 60+ and continued to bring high-quality journalism to Ypsilanti.

My specialties include digital media, audience behavior, writing and reporting, digital storytelling, graphic design and online engagement.

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