About Me

A successful journalist has to brand themselves in a unique way – using social media and creative tools to bring stories to life. Our industry is fading and we need to find ways to adapt to this ever-changing landscape while still delivering full-context, non-bias stories to a nation that needs them more now than ever.

As a journalist, I bring a positive and enthusiastic attitude to any work environment and stay relaxed in high-stress situations. I’m always interested in learning new skills that help me grow as a reporter.

Currently, I am the editor-in-chief of the Eastern Echo, an independent newspaper serving Eastern Michigan University and the surrounding community. I’ve managed a staff of 40 and continued to bring high-quality journalism to residents of Ypsilanti and Eastern’s campus.

My specialties include digital media, audience behavior, writing and reporting, digital storytelling and online engagement. I’m learning Python and using different tools to present our university’s data in a more engaging way for readers.

I’m always looking for new opportunities. Feel free to reach out for a phone call or coffee if you’d like to talk!

232A King Hall
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197